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Flag Selection

Choosing the Right Flag

There are many situations that flags can be used and it is important to choose the right type of flag, especially as they vary in strength, appearance, weight, light-fastness and flying ability. Use the following information to select the most suitable to your requirements.

Fully Sewn Flag

Fully sewn flags are all hand made to Australian specifications. Sewn flags are ideal for prestige and high quality work and require time and skill to manufacture and this demands a premium price. The material used is a Woven Bunting fabric that is robust and light-fast which makes them suitable for situations where high flying stresses exist.

Printed Woven Bunting Flags

Woven Bunting flags use the same robust material as Fully Sewn Flags however they are screen-printed with the required image. With a special weave and a heavier fabric than the Trilobal or Polyester Flags, Woven Bunting Flags are best for situations where maximum life from a flag is required.

Printed Trilobal Flags

Trilobal is deemed the international standard for the manufacture of flags around the world. As the fabric is lighter than Woven Bunting material this promotes a better fly ability. Another feature is that Trilobal fabric has a ‘shiny silky’ appearance and can be both screen-printed or digitally printed allowing for either short or long production runs.  While they do not have the longevity of Woven Bunting Flags, their selling price makes them a very popular choice.

Printed Polyester Flags

Polyester flags use the lightest possible fabric available and are only suitable for indoor or hand-held use.

Choosing the Right Size

Selecting the right size flag is important and the guideline is simple. The longest side of the flag should be close to 1/3rd the height of the flagpole. Therefore if a flagpole is 6mt (18 ft) then the flag used would be 1.8/0.9mt, if the flagpole is 9mt (27ft) then the correct size is 2.7/1.3mt.

When flags are flown on wall mounted poles the guideline is the total height of the pole from the ground. So if the top of the pole is 6mt above the ground then a 1.8/0.9mt flag can be used.

If in doubt about the correct size or you are looking to achieve more presence with your flag you can use the next larger size.

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